Thursday, March 31, 2011

My rant today

Yesterday consisted of having a bday party for P2 at the church (he turned 72), having lunch with J at La Baguette (he had never been there), and having full dress rehearsal for GOLA singing and all. It was a busy but not a bad day. Grace was is a relatively decent mood and put herself to bed last night. Yay!
Today is going to be some homework time and catching up with some home stuff since I will be working Saturday (which I usually don't work). I have already dropped Grace off at daycare and have went to Walgreens for a few items.

Here is my rant. What is wrong with the concert season this year? I keep on looking for concerts to go to this summer and either A. the people I like are not coming even remotely close to us or B. they are not touring at all or C. the concert dates they do have in Denver are when I am not going to be here. As Charlie Brown (or a pirate) says, "Arghhhhh". All I want to do is see some good concerts with J this summer but nooooo. I really want to see a concert at Red Rocks and I am on their email list for announcements. Today I get this announcement that one of J's absolute favorite artists of all time is going to be there WHEN I AM ON THE HAND BELL TOUR IN CALI WITH MY KIDS JUNE 13TH!!!! WHY ME!!? Why do I also live in a place where there isn't great live music? When I go to Salt Lake City during the summer they always have some really good live music. People want to play SLC  and not Denver or Colorado Springs? WTF? I don't get it.

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