Thursday, March 31, 2011

My rant today

Yesterday consisted of having a bday party for P2 at the church (he turned 72), having lunch with J at La Baguette (he had never been there), and having full dress rehearsal for GOLA singing and all. It was a busy but not a bad day. Grace was is a relatively decent mood and put herself to bed last night. Yay!
Today is going to be some homework time and catching up with some home stuff since I will be working Saturday (which I usually don't work). I have already dropped Grace off at daycare and have went to Walgreens for a few items.

Here is my rant. What is wrong with the concert season this year? I keep on looking for concerts to go to this summer and either A. the people I like are not coming even remotely close to us or B. they are not touring at all or C. the concert dates they do have in Denver are when I am not going to be here. As Charlie Brown (or a pirate) says, "Arghhhhh". All I want to do is see some good concerts with J this summer but nooooo. I really want to see a concert at Red Rocks and I am on their email list for announcements. Today I get this announcement that one of J's absolute favorite artists of all time is going to be there WHEN I AM ON THE HAND BELL TOUR IN CALI WITH MY KIDS JUNE 13TH!!!! WHY ME!!? Why do I also live in a place where there isn't great live music? When I go to Salt Lake City during the summer they always have some really good live music. People want to play SLC  and not Denver or Colorado Springs? WTF? I don't get it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gallery Rehersal- Night 1 (for me at least)

So, I am in this production at the church called The Gallery of Living Art. If you don't know what it is, it is a still life, life-size version of famous works of art with human players chronicling the passion of Christ's few days. We dress up in costume, wigs and make-up and stand very still for 3-4 minutes whilst the choir sings a song about what the scene is representing. It's pretty cool and a very big deal here at the church. In prior years, I have just been in the choir. This year, however, I have chosen to also do a scene and then run up and sing after.! It reminds me a lot of the old days of doing musicals at Rock Springs High School with Alan Keller (aka. George the director) minus the scathing criticism. Lots of people running around, many a backstage antic, and me looking like a chicken with my head cut off. Fantastic.
So last night we had our large scene rehearsal which I had to go to. I am in a scene called the Triumphal Entry. It depicts Jesus riding through Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. I am some woman next to a dog with a kid on her back. It all works out. We had to line up in order of appearance out in the green room and I had to grab my dog. We all walked out on the stage, positioned ourselves and froze. In this scene, there are also three little girls who are throwing flowers at his feet. I am in eye shot of one of these girls. She is an adopted Chinese girl who is 6 I think. Just the cutest kid. I found myself instead of looking at Jesus, who is played by Katie's brother-in-law Aaron, looking at this girl and trying to make her laugh by making facial expressions and winking. Poor little one didn't stand a chance against my rubber face. lol
And where was Grace during this whole thing, you may be asking? She was in the nursery playing with all her little friends getting all crazy. Super fun to take that one home and put her to bed.
And so it goes. Tonight will be the full on dress rehearsal with the choir. I know I will be here until 10pm. Ugh! On the bright side, though, I found this product called Vocal Eze that is supposed to help my voice. This will be nice since I am out of practice singing for that long (and hour straight for 4 performances over 3 days). Thank God, J and went to Guitar Center the other day and found that.
Pray for my voice people!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

D Day?

Howdy followers,
Today I am going to post my first blog. Why? Well I just believe I need another outlet for my interesting goings on in life besides yakking someone's ear off or just crying about it. :/
So let me get you up to snuff. My name is Megan Jayne Crabtree, formerly Megan Jayne Slinden. I am 30 years old.  I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO with my daughter Grace (more about her later) and Desmond aka Debit the cat. I also have a boyfriend whom I will call J Corey to not involve him in by name for his sake. Other major players in my life consistantly are young bestie Katie (she's 21, almost 22), Alyssa (my real life Jersey girl), Jimmy(ex hubby who is not so cool), plus assorted and various work associates through the Army Reserves and through Church. As I have just mentioned, I work for 1. a church with 6th-12th grade teenagers and 2. the Army Reserves (it is my 9th year affliated with Army in one way or another). I have lived all over the world and have experienced many things in my life. Yay!

On to the blogging part.

Today is 29 March, 2011. Grace's Exploits
Grace pooped in the tub again last night. And not just a nugget or two, it was many nuggets all over the floor and in the tub. She thought she was real cute. J Corey and I did not, however, find it tremedously funny. Again, he took her after I sprayed her off and put her in a pull-up and pjs and put her to bed. I,however, got the glorious and thankless task of picking out all the nuggets from the bathmat, putting them into a toilet, and bleaching the tub and her toys. She did this last week as well, only difference was was that she actually was kind enough to take the toys and herself out of the tub and pretend to start cleaning them. Grrr, that kid. Thankfully, she was in great mood this morning for me. Yay! She didn't put up much of a fight getting dressed or getting into the car. She even put on her jacket. There was no crying on the way to daycare and she was happy to see Miss Carla (daycare lady/owner) when we got there. She is my special girl.