Tuesday, March 29, 2011

D Day?

Howdy followers,
Today I am going to post my first blog. Why? Well I just believe I need another outlet for my interesting goings on in life besides yakking someone's ear off or just crying about it. :/
So let me get you up to snuff. My name is Megan Jayne Crabtree, formerly Megan Jayne Slinden. I am 30 years old.  I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO with my daughter Grace (more about her later) and Desmond aka Debit the cat. I also have a boyfriend whom I will call J Corey to not involve him in by name for his sake. Other major players in my life consistantly are young bestie Katie (she's 21, almost 22), Alyssa (my real life Jersey girl), Jimmy(ex hubby who is not so cool), plus assorted and various work associates through the Army Reserves and through Church. As I have just mentioned, I work for 1. a church with 6th-12th grade teenagers and 2. the Army Reserves (it is my 9th year affliated with Army in one way or another). I have lived all over the world and have experienced many things in my life. Yay!

On to the blogging part.

Today is 29 March, 2011. Grace's Exploits
Grace pooped in the tub again last night. And not just a nugget or two, it was many nuggets all over the floor and in the tub. She thought she was real cute. J Corey and I did not, however, find it tremedously funny. Again, he took her after I sprayed her off and put her in a pull-up and pjs and put her to bed. I,however, got the glorious and thankless task of picking out all the nuggets from the bathmat, putting them into a toilet, and bleaching the tub and her toys. She did this last week as well, only difference was was that she actually was kind enough to take the toys and herself out of the tub and pretend to start cleaning them. Grrr, that kid. Thankfully, she was in great mood this morning for me. Yay! She didn't put up much of a fight getting dressed or getting into the car. She even put on her jacket. There was no crying on the way to daycare and she was happy to see Miss Carla (daycare lady/owner) when we got there. She is my special girl.

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  1. Can we re-name Jimmy to (The ex who doesn't deserve to be mentioned) or better yet (The ex whose name is not appropriate for the masses).

    PS you forgot to mention Grace's Boyfriend..... <3 you!